Twickenham Bible Study Webinar - Faithfulness in Exile

When: Mar 25, 2020 06:30 pm Central Time

Where: Don't come to church - Instead join the Zoom Meeting at this link:

And just like that our study of Daniel and his friends has become incredibly practical. Like them, we're asking how to we honor and obey Yahweh when our religious places and routines are dramatically disrupted. When our home life, family life, and work life seem to turn upside down. The Jewish exile provides the backdrop for so much of our Bible and colors the perspective of the Biblical authors. Understanding the exile deepens are faith in God's plan and purposes and helps us maintain steadfast faithfulness

Stuart Whiting and Dan Beasley will offer an online interactive continuation of that class beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Your phone will work but a computer or iPad will allow better viewing of others attending. You don't have to have a camera but we'd love to see you smiling face and hopefully interact with you. Let us know if any questions. Dan's cell is 256-682-2302