When: August 2020 06:30 PM Central Time
Where: Don’t come to church - Join Zoom Meeting here.

The online Wednesday night class will begin a study of the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark is a carefully crafted story that gives an account of Jesus' life and addresses the question of whether or not He is the Jewish Messiah. The book can be divided into three acts. In past weeks we looked at Act 1 which is set in Galilee. In this section everyone is blown away by Jesus and they are asking, "who is Jesus?"  In Act 2 Jesus and his followers are on the road to Jerusalem. In this section we saw how the disciples struggled to see what it means for Jesus to be the Messiah. 

In August, we will look at Act 3 which is set in Jerusalem and reveals the shocking and unanticipated way Jesus becomes the messianic king. This gospel is so beautifully and intricately designed to engage the reader to contemplate whether Jesus is the Messianic King who brings to a climax the story of the Bible, the story of God's salvation of humanity.

Please join us.

Let us know if any questions. Dan's cell is 256-682-2302