2020 Twickenham Elder Ballot

We are considering three new men as Elders of the Twickenham church of Christ and reconfirming the current Elders.  The on-line ballot is available through today, May 31st.  The first section of the ballot asks you to enter your name (first and last).  The second section allows for votes on the three men being considered to be added as Elders.  The third sections allows for reconfirmation votes on the current Elders.  A final section will allow you to provide any comments.

Additional Elder Confirmation

On Sunday, May 3rd, the current Elders placed 3 men (Clark Anderson, James Miller and Mike Thomason) before the congregation for consideration as new Elders of the Twickenham Church of Christ.  Until May 31st, you can follow the link below to vote for these men.  You have 3 choices for your vote - "Confirm", "Do Not Confirm" or "Not familiar with this Nominee".  Those receiving a majority vote of submitted ballots will become Elders of the Twickenham church of Christ.  An ordination service is tbd.  Pictures of the nominees are included on the ballot.

Current Elder Reconfirmation

As established in the bylaws of the Twickenham church of Christ charter, all those currently serving as shepherds are to present themselves to the congregation for reconfirmation on a periodic basis. We believe this process can be healthy for your shepherds and for this congregation. To the extent that we as shepherds understand shepherding leadership and the role of shepherds in the scriptures, our leadership is valid only to the degree that members of the congregation are willing to follow our lead. Every member of the congregation is encouraged to participate in this process by carefully considering each of the men who desire to continue in the role of a shepherd. As of May 3rd, all nine of our current shepherds submitted their names for reconfirmation. You have 3 choices for your vote - "Confirm", "Do Not Confirm" or "Not familiar with this Elder". Pictures of the Elders are included on the ballot.  Please help support this reconfirmation with your vote TODAY, May 31st. Results will be assimilated by the ministry staff and relayed to the shepherds and congregation.

Link to 2020 Twickenham Elder Ballot  


Building Usage

We have many groups (internal & external) that use our main facility and the Mercy Building on the northwest corner of our campus. While we are fortunate to have a facility that can accommodate many events from showers and small groups to live stream events, recently we have been unaware of several events taking place in the facility. The office staff needs to understand when people are in the building to coordinate access, prevent scheduling conflicts, provide cleaning services, ensure the building is secured after events, etc. If you need to use a portion of this facility for any event from a small group to a larger gathering, please contact the church office. We can book the event space for you, prevent conflicts and provide any special instructions required. Simply call the office at (256) 881-7373 or email Adrienne.