Twick Challenge 2021

You are invited to join the 2021 Twick Challenge. The goal is to walk 2,021 miles this year. (The challenge can be adjusted to fit your needs).

Log sheets are available in the gym lobby this Sunday, January 10. You can join the Remind group to receive encouragement and updates (Join by texting @twickch to 81010).

Be on the lookout for quarterly gatherings to exercise and encourage one another. 

For more information contact Julie Potts, Amy Smith or Sara Northcutt


Building Usage

We have many groups (internal & external) that use our main facility and the Mercy Building on the northwest corner of our campus. While we are fortunate to have a facility that can accommodate many events from showers and small groups to live stream events, recently we have been unaware of several events taking place in the facility. The office staff needs to understand when people are in the building to coordinate access, prevent scheduling conflicts, provide cleaning services, ensure the building is secured after events, etc. If you need to use a portion of this facility for any event from a small group to a larger gathering, please contact the church office. We can book the event space for you, prevent conflicts and provide any special instructions required. Simply call the office at (256) 881-7373 or email Adrienne.