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Better Than Good
Even if you lived the commands of God better than anyone else ever, you’d be good. But not good enough. If you could somehow recreate the world just the way you’d like it, it would be good. But not good enough. God can make both you and the world better than good.
After Every Cross
Is the hope that there are better days ahead so much wishful thinking? Numb denial? Blind optimism? Or is it based on something real, substantial and rock solid? An ancient hymn holds some answers.
God Doesn't Have a Parachute
Genesis 1:1 is about getting started. It begins, “In the beginning, God created.” Genesis 2:1 is about finishing. “Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in their vast array.” I’ve seen road construction projects that were started decades ago and are still not completed. And their array is not very vast. God always finishes what he starts. That means there are better days ahead.
Something Is…Right With God
In 165 AD, a terrible plague swept through much of the world. Just in the city of Rome, 2,000 people a day perished. Other than, “The gods are punishing us,” Romans had no answer for why the plague had fallen on the world. Christians, though, had a different answer. It’s an answer that is just as relevant today as it was then.
Merit or Miracle?
To first century Jews, dying on a cross meant dying under the curse of God. To Gentiles, it was considered the worst way to die – a slave’s death. Yet that’s exactly the way God chose to make things right. Why in the world would he do such a thing?
Calculated or Contingent
Was the cross God’s calculated plan or was it a last ditch contingency – God’s plan B because plan A didn’t work out? If it really was his plan all along, what does that tell us about God?
Fact or Fiction
Did the crucifixion really happen the way Matthew, Mark, Luke and John say it did? Because if it didn’t, nothing else really matters. But if it did, nothing is ever going to be the same.
Crucifying Shame
Shame, even if it isn’t yours, makes you want to run away and hide. Is there anything that can do that to shame?
Keeping the Peace
In one three-chapter section of Luke’s gospel, Jesus encounters criticism, rejection, sickness, death, demonic possession, raging storms and overwhelming human need. Through it all, he maintains an uncanny level of equilibrium. How did he keep his peace when everything around him seemed to be coming undone?

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

First visit several years ago was confusing. First visit this summer, I was impressed with the service and the friendliness of the people. I was impressed with the focus on community. The openness, the understanding that the church is part of the world and local community.

I have always felt loved here. No one has ever judged me or made me feel less during any of my trials.

I consider the hearts of the people at Twickenham to be one of the greatest strengths. I have seen people quietly serve in so many ways and walk out life together. I also believe that the resources of the congregation can be a huge strength. Together, there is such a huge opportunity for ministry.