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General Topics

These are sermons that are not in a series or theme.

A Four-Gift Christmas

What if we simplified things this year. What if, instead of getting a dozen things you don’t want or need, you received only four gifts. Four gifts that change everything. Something you want. Something you need. Something to share. Something to believe. 

Ephesians - The Book of Peace

John Calvin once preached 48 consecutive sermons on the book of Ephesians. And in one sermon, he got so worked up he burst a blood vessel! It is a short book (just 6 chapters), but packed with some of the most important, practical and beautiful teaching anywhere in scripture. At a loss for what to do about all the racial and civic unrest in the country? Ephesians addresses that. Feel like your life is lived at the whim of uncaring fate? Ephesians champions not just a direction for your life, but a director. Having trouble in your marriage, with your kids or your parents? Ephesians talks about how to make your home a peaceful place.

Not Alone – Finding God in Isolation

The medical community is worried about us, and with good reason. We’re all struggling with a condition that is associated with increased blood pressure, decreased cognitive function, sleeplessness, depression and even suicide. But it’s not COVID-19. It’s the isolation the virus has forced us into. But we aren’t the first to face this malady. David experienced isolation in a cave. Moses in a wilderness. Paul in a prison. John on an island. Jesus in a desert. But each one found something that can see us through. They all found God.

To Our Graduates

Each May, we honor the Twickenham youth who are about to graduate.

Guest Speakers

Interruptions wreak havoc on our plans, routines and schedules. But often, they are the very things God uses to change, challenge and bless us.

Better Days Ahead

A few years ago, an oppressive regime imprisoned a pastor for preaching about Jesus. People who were jealous of his success tried to stir up trouble for him while he was behind bars. A friend who had come to help him was taken ill and almost died. On top of all that, his church back home was being persecuted by outsiders and torn apart by internal division. Separated from the church he loved, he wrote a letter. His message? Take heart friends. There are better days ahead.

The Old Rugged Cross

When the whole world feels locked down, isolated and out of control, why are we talking about an old rugged cross? Because more than ever, we need to know that God is for us. Nothing says that more eloquently than the cross.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

God is doing great things here and we want to be included. So many opportunities to be of service or just get together to get to know and love the people who are already members. We can’t wait to grow roots here.

We came for the children’s program, but we are already in love with the adult classes and the people.

It’s a church family we’d like to invite our neighbors to attend. Its members help and share with those in need.