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Interruptions wreak havoc on our plans, routines and schedules. But often, they are the very things God uses to change, challenge and bless us.

Better Days Ahead

A few years ago, an oppressive regime imprisoned a pastor for preaching about Jesus. People who were jealous of his success tried to stir up trouble for him while he was behind bars. A friend who had come to help him was taken ill and almost died. On top of all that, his church back home was being persecuted by outsiders and torn apart by internal division. Separated from the church he loved, he wrote a letter. His message? Take heart friends. There are better days ahead.

The Old Rugged Cross

When the whole world feels locked down, isolated and out of control, why are we talking about an old rugged cross? Because more than ever, we need to know that God is for us. Nothing says that more eloquently than the cross.

Feel Better

According to the Gallup Emotions Report (yes – there is such a thing), Americans were more stressed, worried and angry than ever last year. In fact, even with a roaring economy, we beat the global anxiety level by a full 20 percentage points! The wealthiest 20 percent of Americans were just as likely to experience anger as the poorest 20 percent. Clearly, we need some help with our emotions. Join us for "Feel Better". We’ll take a look at how Jesus handled emotions like anger, anxiety, joy and many others. Trust me – you’ll feel better. (And invite some of your angry, anxious stressed friends)

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Just Ask: Finding the Nerve to Pray

Some people cannot imagine not praying. Every breath, for them, is a prayer. Some people think prayer is as imaginary as unicorns and leprechauns. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. We believe in God. We know we should pray. Yet we struggle with it. Once, Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. That’s when he gave them what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. It is so compact you can tweet it and still have room for a few more characters. But it’s breadth and depth are staggering. Join us as we ask some hard questions and learn some lasting truths about talking to God.

Vintage Church: The Way Forward is Back

Old is in. Craftsman style architecture. Vintage clothing. Going old-school. Classic cars. Throwback Thursdays. Distressed furniture. It’s like everyone from architects to fashion designers to hipsters wants to reach back and grab the best of the past. In this series we’ll rummage around in the attic of the New Testament – the book of Acts – to see how they did it back in the day.

Restored: Unbreaking What’s Broken

For nearly a century and half, the people of Jerusalem had been stepping over the rubble of its ruins. They grew accustomed to the brokenness. They settled for a sense of physical forsakenness. No one cared. Until somebody did. Nehemiah didn’t just rebuild a city – he restored a community. In this series we’ll try to be honest about what’s broken in our lives, but hopeful about what happens when people pray, work together and rely on God.

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Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

First visit several years ago was confusing. First visit this summer, I was impressed with the service and the friendliness of the people. I was impressed with the focus on community. The openness, the understanding that the church is part of the world and local community.

I have always felt loved here. No one has ever judged me or made me feel less during any of my trials.

I consider the hearts of the people at Twickenham to be one of the greatest strengths. I have seen people quietly serve in so many ways and walk out life together. I also believe that the resources of the congregation can be a huge strength. Together, there is such a huge opportunity for ministry.