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Restored: Unbreaking What’s Broken

For nearly a century and half, the people of Jerusalem had been stepping over the rubble of its ruins. They grew accustomed to the brokenness. They settled for a sense of physical forsakenness. No one cared. Until somebody did. Nehemiah didn’t just rebuild a city – he restored a community. In this series we’ll try to be honest about what’s broken in our lives, but hopeful about what happens when people pray, work together and rely on God.

Sermons in this series

Forced Error
Believe it or not, Dr. Seuss’s famous book, The Cat in the Hat, is an excellent commentary on the last chapter of Nehemiah.
Compelled to Confess
Have you ever asked this question: Why should I confess the sins of my ancestors? That’s exactly what happens in Nehemiah chapters 9 & 10. Makes you wonder – what does confession have to do with unbreaking what’s broken?
Permission to Praise
We don’t normally associate party hats and balloons with words like “holy,” and “sacred.” Maybe we should. Because that’s what happens in Nehemiah 8.
I Heard. I Pondered
In his classic book, Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “The first service that one owes others in the fellowship consists in listening to them.” How good are you at listening?
Trash Talk
If you try to unbreak anything that’s broken, here’s one thing you can count on – pushback. Someone somewhere is going to trash talk your effort. Here’s a way to handle it.
Next to Them
Hands down, Nehemiah chapter 3 is one of the most boring chapters in the entire Bible. It also contains one of the most powerful lessons you’ll ever learn.
From Dreaming to Doing
We die without dreams. But once a dream has been conceived in the mind of a visionary and given birth by the words of the dreamer, someone has to raise that dream to reality.
From Mourning to Mission
Author William Alexander asks a penetrating question: If you had to live the same life over and over again for eternity, would you choose the life you are living now? If your answer is no – then why are you living the life you are living now?
Unbreaking Prayer
You’d think a guy who spent three-thousand hours on his knees praying for people he’d never met, who lived in a place he’d never been, would have something to teach us about compassion and prayer. You’d be right. He does.
Broken Windows
Brokenness is contagious. Signs of neglect -- a single broken window in a vacant building or a gang-tagged bridge – silently send the message that no one cares. If no one does anything about it, soon more windows are broken, more graffiti is painted. Here’s the scary thing – that’s not just true for buildings. It’s true for souls.

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Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

This church is a positive, progressive body of believers who accept the normal diversity which exists in any church without trying to force some conformity and/or uniformity of belief or practices based on tradition, opinions, and preferences. Sadly, that is not the norm and thus you may be viewed as "different" by other churches or believers. I view such a difference as a great positive.

The diversity of thought that allows for tolerance of opinion with agreement on the basics of the gospel. The number of missions-minded individuals that are in involved in both foreign and domestic/local ministries.

This church has a large number of very talented members who appear to be highly involved and connected to all aspects of the church body. This church is at a prime location with many talented members and great opportunity to serve this community and beyond.