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2020 is finally over. So, how do you recover from the kind of year we just had? Especially given that we’re going to have to buck up and deal with the one that’s just getting started? How do you recover from any setback, failure, disaster, heartbreak or misfortune? In times like this, you turn to the Bible hoping to find something to get you through. Then you discover that the book you are trying to understand, understands you.

Sermons in this series

More Power To You
The recovery we need may be an inside job, but the power to pull it off has to be outsourced.
From the Inside Out
Here’s a question I asked myself this week: How many of the things that make me feel pressured, perplexed or burdened are really within my control? Answer: Not many. That’s why what’s going on inside us is more important than what’s going on around us.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

As someone who has been a member of Twickenham since the beginning, there is no place that I would rather be. I appreciate that we have an eldership that bases decisions on biblical principles rather than tradition. There is a broad spectrum of people who come from different backgrounds than those of us who were raised in the church of Christ and I feel that it has been beneficial. I like that Twickenham has been a part of the community instead of isolating ourselves from other denominations.

The many ministry opportunities that members can find to participate in. The uplifting worship services; the praise team is wonderful! The children's programs. I love that we have young families as well as older members worshipping together!

. . . this church has been a HUGE blessing to our family. When we came to Twickenham, I felt like we were spiritually dying on the vine. Since coming to Twickenham, God has had us on an amazing journey that is sometimes hard and sometimes beautiful - but either way I know we are both diving deeper into Him! Yay!