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For each sermon, we offer video and audio-only versions. The video is the full service, while the audio is the sermon (or presentation) only.

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After a quick flyby survey of the book, we’ll hover over Ephesians 1:3 – 14. Your high school English teacher would have a fit if he or she saw Paul’s original Greek manuscript. It’s one 202-word-long run-on sentence. We’ll focus on three of those words – blessed, predestined and adopted.
Ephesians - The Book of Peace
The first installment in this series is a reading of the entire book by a diverse group of readers. Which is fitting since one of the main themes in Ephesians is unity. Listen or watch for a moving service in song, scripture and prayer.
Island Inspiration
The apostle John used the most advanced communication technology of his day – a written letter – to communicate with people he cared for deeply but was separated from. Sound familiar? Wait till you hear what he had to say.
Elder Confirmation
Twickenham added three men to its group of shepherds, the leaders of our congregation.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

Our first Sunday back – relief, gratitude and being able to be part of such an uplifting assembly and worship again. We feel like this church is our family.

Uplifting! I loved the energy of the service – the singing – just a great “vibe”.

We appreciate the ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) classes we have been in. I love The Spring!