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For each sermon, we offer video and audio-only versions. The video is the full service, while the audio is the sermon (or presentation) only.

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Watch/Listen to Past Services

The Budget Sermon 2021
Not your usual budget sermon. We focus on explaining our priorities, particularly in light of the unusual situation our country is in.
We kicked off our read-the-bible-in-a-year plan for 2021.
Something to Believe
Why would Christ leave the joy and peace of heaven to be born into a world ruined by sin, ruled by tyrants and rotten with hate? One word. Love.
Something to Share
We can find entertainment. Fun can be had. Pleasures abound. But the one thing that’s in short supply, scarce as paper towels in the middle of a pandemic, is real, genuine joy.
Something You Need
Do you feel at peace? Or more like a pin ball careening off bumpers, bouncing off the walls and being slapped around by paddles manipulated by an invisible force that is hellbent on driving you insane? Yeah. Me, too. Let me introduce you to someone called the Prince of Peace.
Something You Want
There is an odd calculus in hope. The greater the pain, the more desperate things are, the stronger, more confident hope becomes. Would that be useful to you right about now?
House Rules
Critics of Christianity look at the way Christians dealt with slavery and racism and blamed it on the Bible. Charles Manson blamed the murders his cult committed on the song Helter Skelter from the Beatle’s White Album. Paul McCartney, who co-wrote the song with John Lennon, said it was about a playground apparatus. I’m going with Paul on this one. Maybe we should take another look at this passage in Ephesians.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

This church is a positive, progressive body of believers who accept the normal diversity which exists in any church without trying to force some conformity and/or uniformity of belief or practices based on tradition, opinions, and preferences. Sadly, that is not the norm and thus you may be viewed as "different" by other churches or believers. I view such a difference as a great positive.

The diversity of thought that allows for tolerance of opinion with agreement on the basics of the gospel. The number of missions-minded individuals that are in involved in both foreign and domestic/local ministries.

This church has a large number of very talented members who appear to be highly involved and connected to all aspects of the church body. This church is at a prime location with many talented members and great opportunity to serve this community and beyond.