Join with us in 2021 as we Reread the Bible.  With the pandemic, we may not be able to meet in classes right now, but we can still explore the Bible together.  This will be a coordinated effort to read through the entire Bible during the year.  We will be using a reading schedule from the Read Scripture app (download via the buttons below) to facilitate this effort.



This app has a year-long reading plan that we will advertise here on our website, on social media, and through other avenues to help everyone stay on track.  We will read a passage from the Bible Daily and meditate on a Psalm each day.  

You can download the Read Scripture app to most any device and follow the reading plan.  In addition to reading the Bible text, the Read Scripture app offers videos specific to the passages that we are reading that have been produced by the Bible Project to provide further insight. 

While we will be publishing the reading schedule in several media, you can also go to the Bible Project's website and register your email address to receive weekly emails that will remind you to watch, read and pray daily.  To start with us on Day 1 and stay with our reading schedule, you can register your email address with The Bible Project on January 1 and begin to receive their weekly reminder emails that will follow our reading schedule. You can also access the emails via the links below the video on this page.

In coordination with this effort, we have a weekly blog (at right or below, depending on the device you are using to view this) that provides an opportunity for us to discuss what we are reading weekly as we journey through the scriptures.  

One of our core beliefs is the Bible and one of our core values is Hunger for the Word, An Insatiable Desire to Know God More.  We hope that you will join us on a journey in 2021 to grow that desire to know God through reading His word and praying daily.

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