Location: The Vision, located in South Huntsville

Speaker: Justin Gerhardt, Round Rock Church of Christ, Austin, TX

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Fixing Our Eyes: The Least Common, Most Effective Way To Flourish When Times Are Tough

Friday, December 4 - Sunday, December 6
at The Vision

How do we make it through hard times? ...Wait them out? Try harder? Cross our fingers and hope they get better? Or maybe find a wand to wave that makes hardship vanish? 


There will always be hard things. What we need most is not the absence of hardship, but a shift in focus. When times are tough, we often look hard and long at our circumstances, obsessing over the loss, the pain, the loneliness, the grief. But according to Scripture, what we need is to lift our eyes to something else--to shift our gaze to one place in particular and let that altered focus bolster our faith, give us hope, and get us through.