Janet is the wife of our shepherd Clark Anderson.

One of Twickenham's leaders, known as "Shepherds".

One of Twickenham's leaders, known as "Shepherds".

One of Twickenham's leaders, known as "Shepherds".

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Here’s a little about me.

I’m married to Lisa who is a rabid SEC football fan, the hardest working human being I have ever known, and has explored and conquered an intimidating mountain called forgiveness.

Which is good, because I have ventured into a valley called failure.

We raised two boys who grew up to become very fine men, though they are as different from one another as Jacob and Esau.

They married two very beautiful young women who also happen to be quite pretty on the outside.  Daughters-in-law are awesome.

We have three grandchildren and one on the way. They are all above average.

We have one dog, Calvin. Named after the famous 16th century theologian. I like the dog. I disagree a lot with the theologian. But it's not total disagreement.

We do not have cats because I am allergic.  To evil.

I often laugh loudly at things no one else in the room finds funny.  Especially if I’m the one who said or did the thing.

I was a preacher.  Then I was a physician recruiter.  Now, I am a preacher again.

Most of all I am a follower of Jesus, though I know what it is to stray.

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One of Twickenham's leaders, known as "Shepherds".