This group is for those participating in or interested in participating in ministries (Jobs for Life, Strategic Resources for Aging Well, and others) that serve members of the community in need. The needs vary with the individual and their personal journey. Sometimes surprisingly, this experience becomes communal for all involved. Members will share insights, Louisiana cooking, discussions and time in prayer for these ministries, people in need and each other.

Ken and Suzanne Smith & Clark and Janet Anderson
Sunday evenings
Anderson Home (256) 883-9768
Smith Home, (256) 339-4211 or (931) 247-2637
Activities for children:

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

First visit several years ago was confusing. First visit this summer, I was impressed with the service and the friendliness of the people. I was impressed with the focus on community. The openness, the understanding that the church is part of the world and local community.

I have always felt loved here. No one has ever judged me or made me feel less during any of my trials.

I consider the hearts of the people at Twickenham to be one of the greatest strengths. I have seen people quietly serve in so many ways and walk out life together. I also believe that the resources of the congregation can be a huge strength. Together, there is such a huge opportunity for ministry.