One of our stated core values at Twickenham is “Life in Community”.  The picture of the church as a community revolves around a body of Christians who provide support for each other.  As we are joined together in common faith, we seek to grow closer, forming bonds of unity that provide an anchor against the storms of life.  Those bonds are built upon a unity of faith in a common Savior.  

The purpose of small groups at Twickenham is to build and strengthen relationships.  We are called to “love one another” and one of the ways that exemplifies itself at Twickenham is through our small groups as we live in authentic community as Christ’s body.  

Our small groups start in the Fall, take a break over Christmas and then pick back up in the Winter/Spring.  Most take a break during the summer months. This brochure provides a listing of our small groups for the Fall 2020 session and our current class offerings.  

To be involved in a small group you can either call or email the small group leader listed in this directory, or contact the church office at 256.881.7373.  If you have a question as to which small group might be a good fit for you or your family, contact me via email or by phone at 256.881.7373 x219.  If you are interested in hosting or leading a group, please let me know.

The Small Groups provide an atmosphere where people of similar interests can grow together in their relationship with God and with each other.  Within these groups one can find encouragement, accountability, spiritual growth, fun, friends and fulfillment.  I strongly encourage each member to find a group that you can be a part of and experience “Life in Community” to its fullest.  



Steven R. Crigger
Associate Minister

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

Our first Sunday back – relief, gratitude and being able to be part of such an uplifting assembly and worship again. We feel like this church is our family.

Uplifting! I loved the energy of the service – the singing – just a great “vibe”.

We appreciate the ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) classes we have been in. I love The Spring!