Help in times of disaster. We are always in need of volunteers for our disaster relief team. We provide all the necessary training. In addition to volunteers who can operate chain saws, tarp roofs, or move debris, we need volunteers to focus on providing comfort and prayer for the victims.  If you are interested in joining and being added to the disaster relief email distribution list, please contact the Church office or David Maurel at 

The Twickenham disaster relief team was formed in 2011 in partnership with many other local churches. The desire was to work together and be better prepared to serve our community during times of need. The disaster relief organization is called Prepare And Respond (PAR) and is centered on what unites the Christian community rather than theological differences.  PAR members include Church of Christ, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Assembly of God, and Community Churches.  We serve together in Jesus name after a tornado, flood, wind storm, hurricane, or ice storm.  Since 2011 we have deployed to tornado impacted areas throughout Alabama.  PAR has also deployed out of state for major disasters in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, New Jersey, and Oklahoma.  Out of state deployments have involved partnering with larger disaster relief organizations including the Church of Christ Disaster Relief incorporated, Samaritans Purse, Hope Force, Southern Baptist, and Service International.   

Twickenham owns and maintains a disaster relief trailer with tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to remove downed trees, clean up debris, tarp roofs, or muck out homes after a flood.  We also own an F450 flat bed truck to pull the trailer and carry supplies.  9 local churches own and maintain similar disaster relief trailers.  In partnership with other churches the PAR organization owns and maintains 2 T650 Bobcats, 2 flat bed equipment trailers, flood trailer, F250 truck, and a 416B backhoe.

The PAR organization works under the guidance of our local Madison County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the Madison County Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (MCVOAD).  For local disasters we often receive initial requests for help and authorization to access the disaster area from the EMA immediately after the storm.  

PAR assisted after a severe storm on March 19, 2018 in Limestone County, AL. Click here for photos from

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

This church is a positive, progressive body of believers who accept the normal diversity which exists in any church without trying to force some conformity and/or uniformity of belief or practices based on tradition, opinions, and preferences. Sadly, that is not the norm and thus you may be viewed as "different" by other churches or believers. I view such a difference as a great positive.

The diversity of thought that allows for tolerance of opinion with agreement on the basics of the gospel. The number of missions-minded individuals that are in involved in both foreign and domestic/local ministries.

This church has a large number of very talented members who appear to be highly involved and connected to all aspects of the church body. This church is at a prime location with many talented members and great opportunity to serve this community and beyond.