Stuart Whiting and Dan Beasley host a weekly online conversation about the Bible. It will be on Zoom, at least for now.  The conversations will take place on Sunday nights 7:00-8:00 pm US Central Time.  Click on the button below to connect to the meetings via Zoom.

Click to join the discussions, Sunday evenings at 7:00 US Central Time.

This is a weekly Zoom conversation about the Bible. Stuart and Dan's current topic is 7th Day Rest - Sabbath. This series will be designed to facilitate conversation among all the participants. The participants will be asked to listen to a podcast, read a section of scripture or maybe read an article prior to the class, then we'll discuss it.  

We plan to use the BibleProject's podcast by the same name. Talking about Sabbath can be complicated and confusing, yet the biblical authors wrote about it a lot. So what’s it all about? The sabbath is more than an antiquated law. It’s about the design of time and the human quest for rest. The sabbath and seventh-day rest is one of the key themes that starts on page one of the Bible and weaves beautifully all the way through to the end. Sabbath is an eye-opening weight-bearing foundation concept for students of the Bible. The topics we'll discuss include:   

  • The Restless Craving for Rest
  • The Significance of 7
  • Two Kinds of Work
  • Sacred Time & The Feast of Flight
  • The Cathedral of Time
  • The Seven Festivals
  • Jubilee: The Radical Year of Release
  • Rest for the Land
  • Seventy Times Seven - Prophetic Math
  • Jesus and His Jubilee
  • Lord of the Sabbath
  • Hebrews: The Quest for Final Rest

If you'd like to be a part of this class we suggest you listen to the first couple of BibleProject podcasts and join us on Zoom

For questions or more information, contact Dan Beasley.