Communion and Offering

In addition to the measures being taken to reduce exposure to passing germs please note the following:

Communion will be taken from stations around the auditorium this Sunday. There will be 8 stations set up around the sides and front of the auditorium. The bread and cup will be taken at the same time.

There will also be boxes set up at the entrances to facilitate receiving of our offerings.  You can also give on-line at or through our church app with PushPay.  To download the Twickenham official app, simply text  "TWICKCC APP" to 77977.

Thanks for embracing these changes.

First Update: March 13, 2020

At the time this article was published, there are still no confirmed reports of Coronavirus/COVID 19 outbreaks in Alabama. We suspect that will change. Folks are anxious. You see it in the long lines at Costco, Walmart and Sam’s. You sense it in the cancellations of large group gatherings. You see it in the faces of co-workers, friends and neighbors. As disciples of Jesus, our faith rests on the God who keeps his promises, an old rugged cross and an empty tomb. So the first thing we want to say to you is, do not be afraid. The resurrected Jesus promised to be with his disciples to the end of the age. We aren’t there yet, so he is still with us. 

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