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Joshua Trivia


We are in the Promised Land.  Life is good, and then we turn the page to Judges. Before we read about Israel's downward spiral, how about a bit of trivia from the book of Joshua?

Joshua Trivia Questions

Q1: After the death of Moses, what river was Joshua told to prepare the Israelites to cross?
a. Jordan
b. Nile
c. Euphrates
d. Tigris

Q2: Who helped the spies that Joshua sent into the city of Jericho?
a. Deborah
b. Rahab
c. Miriam
d. Ruth

Q3: Where did Rahab hide the spies Joshua sent to the city?
a. Under her bed
b. In her barn
c. On her roof
d. Outside her window

Q4: What was Rahab told to do so that the Israelites would know to spare her and her family?
a. Paint her door red
b. Tie a scarlet cord in the window
c. Leave a candle burning in the window
d. Sing songs with her family

Q5: What was the name of the city where the waters of the Jordan piled up as a heap when the Israelites crossed?
a. Adam
b. Gilgal
c. Jabbok
d. Ai

Q6: What did the Israelites take from the Jordan river as they crossed and entered the promised land?
a. 12 fish
b. 12 cups of water from the river
c. 10 stones
d. 12 stones

Q7: After the Israelites crossed the Jordan and before they went to Jericho, what happened in Gilgal?
a. They were circumcised
b. They celebrated the Passover
c. They stopped eating manna
d. All of the Above

Q8: What happened immediately before the walls of Jericho fell?
a. The Israelites offered sacrifices
b. Trumpets sounded and the people shouted
c. A mighty wind was felt
d. None of the Above

Q9: Who took a robe, silver and gold from the spoils of Jericho?
a. Achan
b. Adam
c. Amram
d. Abimilech

Q10: What did Joshua do to the city of Ai after Israel defeated its inhabitants?
a. Made a peace treaty with the remaining inhabitants
b. Designated it as a city of refuge
c. Forced the remaining inhabitants to worship God
d. Burned it

Q11: Who tricked the Israelites into making a treaty with them?
a. Hittites
b. Amorites
c. Gibeonites
d. Perizzites

Q12: What did God do to help the Israelites defeat the Amorites on the road from Beth Horan all the way to Azekah?
a. Hurled large hailstones at them
b. Sent hornets to attack them
c. Sent snakes to bite them
d. Struck them with lightning

Q13: Where did the five kings of the Amorites hide from Joshua and the Israelites?
a. Cave at Adullam
b. Cave at Lachish
c. Cave at Machpelah
d. Cave at Makkedah

Q14: What did Caleb receive as his inheritance in the promised land?
a. Bethel
b. Jerusalem
c. Hebron
d. Shiloh

Q15: What did Caleb offer to the man that attacks and captures Kiriath Sepher?
a. Silver & Gold
b. His daughter, Acsah
c. Part of his flocks
d. Land

Q16: Where did Joshua cast lots to determine land allotments for those tribes that had not received their inheritance?
a. Bethel
b. Shiloh
c. Jerusalem
d. Hebron

Q17: What was the name of the altar the Reubenites, Gadites and half the tribe of Manasseh built in Geliloth by the Jordan when they returned home to their inheritance on the east side of the Jordan?
a. A Witness Between Us
b. God Covers Us
c. A Pledge to Honor God
d. Peace in the Land

Q18: How old was Joshua when he died?
a. 90
b. 100
c. 105
d. 110

Q19: The Israelites had brought Joseph's bones with them from Egypt. Where were these finally buried?
a. Bethel
b. Shechem
c. Hebron
d. Bethlehem

Q20: What were the names of the two spies who Rahab hid in Jericho?
a. Joshua and Caleb
b. Eleazar and Phineas
c. Horam and Cyrus
d. They are not named


Joshua Trivia Answers

A1: a. Jordan (Joshua 1:1-2)
A2: b. Rahab (Joshua 2:1)
A3: c. On her roof (Joshua 2:6)
A4: b. Tie a scarlet cord in the window (Joshua 2:17-19)
A5: a. Adam (Joshua 3:15-16)
A6: d. 12 stones (Joshua 4:8)
A7: d. All of the above (Joshua 5:8-12)
A8: b. Trumpets sounded and the people shouted (Joshua 6:20)
A9: a. Achan (Joshua 7:1, 20-23)
A10: d. Burned it (Joshua 8:28)
A11: c. Gibeonites (Joshua 9:16-18)
A12: a. Hurled large hailstones at them (Joshua 10:11)
A13: d. Cave at Makkedah (Joshua 10:16-18)
A14: c. Hebron (Joshua 14:13)
A15: b. His daughter, Acsah (Joshua 15:16)
A16: b. Shiloh (Joshua 18:10)
A17: a. A Witness Between Us (Joshua 22:34)
A18: d. 110 (Joshua 24:29)
A19: b. Shechem (Joshua 24:32)
A20: d. They are not named (Joshua 2)
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