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I & II Samuel Trivia


I am a little late on I & II Samuel Trivia.  How much do you remember?

 I & II Samuel Trivia Questions

Q1: Who was Samuel's mother?
a. Hannah
b. Deborah
c. Delilah
d. Ruth

Q2: Where did Hannah present Samuel before the Lord?
a. Bethel
b. Gilgal
c. Shiloh
d. Jerusalem

Q3: What did Samuel's mother make him each year?
a. Sandals
b. A blanket
c. A coat
d. A robe

Q4: Who were the sons of Eli?
a. Hushim and Peleg
b. Hophni and Phineas
c. Hophni and Peleg
d. Hushim and Phineas

Q5: How did Eli die?
a. Broken neck
b. Heart attack
c. Old age
d. Infection

Q6: When Samuel grew old, what did the Israelites request him to provide?
a. A temple
b. Rain for an ongoing drought
c. A sign from God
d. A king

Q7: Who did Samuel anoint as the first king of the Israelites??
a. Jesse
b. David
c. Ish-bosheth
d. Saul

Q8: What did Saul's son Jonathan eat during a battle that almost cost him his life?
a. Grapes
b. Honey
c. A pomegranate
d. Figs

Q9: What instrument did David play that provided relief to Saul?
a. Harp
b. Flute
c. Ukuele
d. Lyre

Q10: How many stones did David take with him to battle Goliath?
a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

Q11: Which daughter of Saul became David's wife?
a. Merab
b. Meholah
c. Michal
d. None of the above

Q12: Who was the son of Saul that became great friends with David?
a. Jonathan
b. Jeroboam
c. Abner
d. Ahimelech

Q13: Who was the husband of Abigail that would not provide assistance to David's men?
a. Nimrod
b. Nathan
c. Nicholas
d. Nabal

Q14: What witch did Saul consult before going into battle with the Philistines?
a. The witch of Elrond
b. The witch of Fondor
c. The witch of Endor
d. The witch of Eadu

Q15: Which son of Saul served briefly as King of Israel while David ruled over the house of Judah?
a. Jonathan
b. Ish-Bosheth
c. Mephibosheth
d. No son of Saul reigned over Israel

Q16: David captured what city from the Jebusites and made it his capital?
a. Hebron
b. Jerusalem
c. Bethlehem
d. Bethel

Q17: In what season, when kings would normally go to war, did David find himself in his palace and attracted to Bathsheba?
a. Winter
b. Spring
c. Summer
d. Fall

Q18: Which prophet rebuked David for the events surrounding Bathsheba and the death of her husband Uriah?
a. Samuel
b. Isaiah
c. Elijah
d. Nathan

Q19: What handsome son of David with long hair conspired to take the throne from him?
a. Amnon
b. Adonijah
c. Absolam
d. Kileab

Q20: How did Absalom die?
a. His hair was caught in an oak tree
b. Joab plunged 3 javelins in his heart
c. Joab's men struck him
d. All of the above

Q21: What was unusual about the man that Jonathan son of Shimeah killed"?
a. He had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot
b. He was 10 feet tall
c. He had killed 800 men in one encounter
d. His sword weighed over 50 pounds

Q22: Whose hand grew tired and froze to the sword as he smote the Philistines?
a. Josheb-Basshebeth
b. Shammah
c. Eleazar
d. Abishai

Q23: Who went down into a pit and slew a lion on a snowy day?
a. Asahel
b. Benaiah
c. Helez
d. Eliphelet

Q24: Which prophet advised David to build an altar to stop the plague God had sent on Israel as a result of David having the fighting men counted?
a. Amos
b. Gad
c. Nahum
d. Nathan


I & II Samuel Trivia Answers

A1: a. Hannah (I Samuel 1:19-20)
A2: c. Shiloh (I Samuel 1:24)
A3: d. A robe (I Samuel 2:19)
A4: b. Hophni and Phineas (I Samuel 2:34)
A5: a. Broken neck (I Samuel 4:18)
A6: d. A king (I Samuel 8:4-5)
A7: d. Saul (I Samuel 9:17; 10:1)
A8: b. Honey (I Samuel 14:27-28,44-45 )
A9: a. Harp (I Samuel 16:23)
A10: c. 5 (I Samuel 17:40)
A11: c. Michal (I Samuel 18:27)
A12: a. Jonathan (I Samuel 19:1-2)
A13: d. Nabal (I Samuel 25:4-10)
A14: c. The witch of Endor (I Samuel 28:7-8)
A15: b. Ish-Bosheth (II Samuel 2:10-11)
A16: b. Jerusalem (II Samuel 5:6-7)
A17: b. Spring (II Samuel 11:1)
A18: d. Nathan (II Samuel 12:1)
A19: c. Absalom (II Samuel 15:1-12)
A20: d. All of the above (II Samuel 18:9-15)
A21: a. He had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot (II Samuel 21:20-21)
A22: c. Eleazar (II Samuel 23:9-10)
A23: b. Benaiah (II Samuel 23:20-23)
A24: b. Gad (II Samuel 24:18-21)

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