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I & II Kings Trivia


There is so much going on in I & II Kings that it is hard to narrow down to just a few questions.  

I & II Kings Trivia Questions

Q1: Who was Solomon's mother?
a. Bathsheba
b. Milcah
c. Abigail
d. None of the above

Q2: What former general of Israel's army defected to Adonijah, instead of being loyal to David and Solomon?
a. Shimei
b. Joab
c. Abner
d. Benaiah

Q3: At Gibeon, the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream. What did Solomon ask for?
a. Wealth
b. Honor
c. Wives
d. Wisdom

Q4: How many years after the Exodus did Solomon begin to build the temple?
a. 120
b. 240
c. 360
d. 480

Q5: In Solomon's day, what were the only items in the ark of the covenant?
a. Aaron's rod
b. Two stone tablets (10 commandments)
c. Mannah
d. All of the Above

Q6: What queen came to test Solomon with hard questions?
a. Queen of Egypt
b. Queen of Babylon
c. Queen of Assyria
d. Queen of Sheba

Q7: Which son of Solomon reigned in his place at Jerusalem after his death?
a. Rehoboam
b. Jeroboam
c. Adoniram
d. Tafat

Q8: When the kingdom of Israel was divided, which 2 tribes stayed loyal to Rehoboam and the House of David?
a. Levi and Judah
b. Judah and Benjamin
c. Rueben and Gad
d. Ephraim and Benjamin

Q9: Name the 2 cities in which Jeroboam set up golden calves for worship.
a. Bethel and Dan
b. Bethel and Shiloh
c. Hebron and Bethel
d. Jerusalem and Hebron

Q10: Which princess from Sidon married king Ahab?
a. Zarephath
b. Abishag
c. Jezebel
d. None of the above

Q11: How many times a day did the ravens bring food to Elijah at the Brook Cherith?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Q12: How many prophets of Baal squared off against the prophet Elijah at Mt. Carmel?
a. 40
b. 120
c. 250
d. 450

Q13: Who did Elijah anoint to succeed him as the prophet of Israel?
a. Jehu
b. Hazael
c. Ahab
d. Elisha

Q14: Who was murdered by Ahab and Jezebel because they wanted his vineyard in Jezreel??
a. Naaman
b. Nathan
c. Naboth
d. Naphtali

Q15: What weapon was used to kill king Ahab?
a. Sword
b. Arrow
c. Axe
d. Spear

Q16: What did Elisha pick up and use to divide the Jordan after Elijah was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind?
a. Elijah's staff
b. Elijah's cloak
c. Elijah's shoe
d. Elijah's robe

Q17: How many times did Naaman have to dip in the Jordan river to be healed of his leprosy?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 7
d. 12

Q18: In Elisha's miracle in which he made an axhead float, what metal was the axhead was made of?
a. Copper
b. Stone
c. Bronze
d. Iron

Q19: Joash was the youngest king of Judah. At what age did he begin to reign?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 10
d. 12

Q20: What happened to the man who was laid in Elisha's tomb?
a. His body immediately turned to dust
b. His eyes opened and then closed shut
c. He vanished
d. He came to life

Q21: Who was the king of Israel in Samaria when the Northern Kingdom fell into Assyrian captivity?
a. Zechariah
b. Shallum
c. Hoshea
d. Jeroboam II

Q22: Which king is famous for making a pool and a tunnel to bring water into Jerusalem?
a. Hezekiah
b. Manessah
c. Amon
d. Hoshea

Q23: Which King read "all the words of the Book of the Covenant" publicly?
a. Amon
b. Josiah
c. Jehoahaz
d. Jehoiakim

Q24: Who was the last King to reign over Judah from Jerusalem?
a. Jehoiakim
b. Zedekiah, formerly called Mattaniah
c. Jehoiachin
d. Jehoahaz

Q25: Which Babylonian King captured Jerusalem in 586 BC?
a. Belshazzar
b. Nabopolassar
c. Neriglissar
d. Nebuchadnezzar


I & II Kings Trivia Answers

A1: a. Bathsheba (I Kings 1:16-17)
A2: b. Joab (I Kings 2:28)
A3: d. Wisdom (I Kings 3:5-9)
A4: d. 480 (I Kings 6:1)
A5: b. Two stone tablets (10 commandments) (I Kings 8:9)
A6: d. Queen of Sheba (I Kings 10:1)
A7: a. Rehoboam (I Kings 11:43)
A8: b. Judah and Benjamin (I Kings 12:21)
A9: a. Bethel and Dan (I Kings 12:28-29)
A10: c. Jezebel (I Kings 16:31)
A11: b. 2 (I Kings 17:6)
A12: d. 450 (I Kings 18:19)
A13: d. Elisha (I Kings 19:16)
A14: c. Naboth (I Kings 21:15-16)
A15: b. Arrow (I Kings 22:34-35)
A16: b. Elijah's cloak (II Kings 2:13-14)
A17: c. 7 (II Kings 5:10,14)
A18: d. Iron (II Kings 6:5)
A19: b. 7 (II Kings 11:21)
A20: d. He came to life (II Kings 13:21)
A21: c. Hoshea (II Kings 17:6)
A22: a. Hezekiah (II Kings 20:20)
A23: b. Josiah (II Kings 23:2)
A24: b. Zedekiah, formerly called Mattaniah (II Kings 24:17, 25:2)

A25: d. Nebuchadnezzar (II Kings 25:1) 

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