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God in the Book of Esther

Esther - Image courtesy of Sweet Publishing / FreeBibleimages.org

Esther teaches God's Sovereignty

Queen Esther, I clearly remember the picture from the preschool Sunday school class. Esther was magnificent in her royal robes, adorned with lots of shiny jewelry and best of all – she wore a crown! She was beautiful. My 4 or 5 year old mind was amazed, overwhelmed by her story. Since that time, I have been a fan of Esther.

I considered writing about all the feasts, or Vashti, or maybe Haman, but there's one thing that would not leave my mind. The fate of Esther's people, the Jews, is the very center of the story and His divine purposes for all the decisions and details are told in this story. God is in the shadows arranging all the events to bring about His divine purpose to save the Jews – this weighed on my mind. Is this a story about Esther or without His name being mentioned – is it a story of God?

Be assured of God's love - always

The name of God is not mentioned in the book of Esther, not one time, and yet God is intricately involved through all of the events, yes, He is in the details. God is working through a royal rejection and the ensuing royal fit, God is working through the details of plans to destroy, kill and annihilate his chosen people, the Jews.

This truth – His love for His people – should be an anchor for our lives. We know that we are loved with an everlasting love – "The Lord appeared to us in the past,[a] saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness," Jeremiah 31:3. We will be rejected by individuals here on earth, yet our greatest comfort is found in the one who is able to deliver us, powerfully loves us.

God desperately loves His people. The Jews were not simply delivered, they were empowered!

In Isaiah 49:16, "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hand."

God is in it all. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

Esther was a beautiful, yet humble girl, raised by a cousin, and saved a generation through her bravery. This story illustrates how God can use anyone for His plans!

In the story of Esther, we see God ordering, directing, and governing all His creatures and their actions. God is sovereign. God is living and actively involved in all aspects of our life.

Where do you see His fingerprints in your life? Look closely – they are there!

God remains all in

Just as He was a Waymaker for Esther and the Jews, He is our Waymaker today. Search for Him in the shadows of your life!

As I was reading and researching the story of Esther, the song, Waymaker played – He is our Waymaker, miracle worker, light in the darkness – listen and take comfort!
God Has a Plan
Nehemiah - ". . . think on these things."


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