On April 21, 2019, we celebrated Twickenham’s 40th Anniversary. Here are some milestones in our history:

  • The Twickenham congregation started on April 30th 1979 and its first worship service was May 6, 1979.
  • Bob Anderson, the first minister, preached his first sermon for Twickenham on May 27, 1979
  • The first Elders were: Frank Dark, Guy Nerren, David Shipman, Harold Sparks and Delbert Williams
  • Early on, the members worshiped in a room at the Mall, the Raymond Jones Armory facility, the United Auto workers facility, Randolph School and finally moved into our current building at 7500 Whitesburg Drive in 1982.
  • In 1996-1997, the Adult Education, Youth Wing and Gymnasium were added.  In 2009-2010, there was a major remodel of the auditorium, including the replacement of the original stained-glass windows.  

The first video below contains pictures from the past 40 years. The second video contains interviews with some of our founding members.

Anniversary Photo Album

Interviews with Founding Members



Vision 2040

While Twickenham has a rich history, the story continues to be written.  Last year, the Elders initiated an effort to envision what Huntsville, our Community and Twickenham will look like in the year 2040 so that we can remain active and relevant and continue to be that “Light”, “A City on a Hill” that shows Christ to the world.  It is good to understand where we came from, but even more exciting to consider what God has in store for this church.  May we, like those that have gone before us at Twickenham, dedicate ourselves to boldly step into the future and all that God is calling this congregation of believers to be!  For more information, please visit our Vision 2040 page.