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The Twickenham Christmas play only happens every other year. This is the year - December 14 and 15. But the time is now. Some are already feeling that inner prompting to be a part of this very unique Twickenham Christmas Tradition. Carpe Diem! There are thoroughly rewarding areas of involvement on and off the stage. The list includes acting, singing, building, painting, drawing, sewing, serving, lighting, sounding, filming, photography, computering, stunt doubling, gripping and grinning If you want to be a part or just want additional information, please email or contact Walton Harless). And even if you are only mildly curious, fear not! You may respond with complete abandon and get on the no- obligation mailing list. Either way, please respond no later than October 7th. The initial all-hands meeting will be on or about Oct 22nd.

Men's Retreat: BAD PLAN

Four misguided paths every man of God needs to avoid-and what to do instead. October 26-28, 2018

Twickenham Church Men's Retreat

Justin Gerhardt

The Vision Sometimes things go wrong and it was inevitable. But sometimes, things go south because we were working a bad plan. As men, the temptation to craft and cling to a bad plan can be especially tempting. Last year we looked at the life of David - a man after God's own heart. This year we'll continue the trend and look at the fascinating life of King Saul (someone who worked more than his share of bad plans) and explore how not to be like him. Put it on the calendar and make plans to join us on October 26 - 28 at The Vision retreat facilities in south Huntsville.

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