April - May 2018 

During the spring, all Journey Groups will journey through a study of the Old Testament book of Judges, in conjunction with our “In The Word in 2018” series. We live and work among a great variety of gods – not only those of other formal religions, but also the gods of wealth, celebrity, pleasure, ideology, achievement. Our era can be characterized by the phrase which sums up the book of Judges: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges21:25, ESV).

So despite the gap of over three millennia, there are many parallels between our situation and the time of the book of Judges, which recounts the history of God’s people, Israel, between the time of Moses and Joshua, and that of the first kings – around 1200 BC.

As we look at the stories in the book of Judges, we will also explore God of mercy and longsuffering, who continually works in and through us despite our constant resistance to his purposes. We will see God’s work to rescue his undeserving people through, and out of, the mess their sin brings them into, then we will explore how these stories speaks into our own lives and situations today. Judges is not an easy read. But living in the times we do, it is an essential one! 

Journey Group Location Teacher
Young Marrieds & Young Families S201/202  Cade Smith
Whether you’re still picking the rice out of your hair or are already driving that minivan you swore you’d never own, navigating family life requires lots of support and encouragement. Classes and discussion start with scripture and always circle around to applications specific to marriage and family. Then, there’s the friendships, understanding and practical help you’ll need when things get tough.
Young Adults/Professionals S203 Mitchell Brown 
We believe today’s young adults, people in their 20s-30s, are more open to being challenged than the church is sometimes willing to risk. If you are seeking to grow in your relationship with God and others – and not afraid to ask hard questions and confront inconvenient truths – this community is for you. 
Spiritually Single  S204  Steve Crigger
Sometimes, churches can seem like they are exclusively designed for couples or families. This group is different. It is composed of folks who find themselves searching, and on a spiritual level, having to go it alone. When you walk through our door, though, you discover that there are others willing to make that journey with you. If you are looking for a group that is open and honest about life, welcome home.
SonLight  S205 Bill Bass
If you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind questioning your own conclusions, confronting your own perspectives and intentionally exposing yourself to diverse opinions, the Sonlight class is for you. Our children are mostly raised and out of the house (mostly), so we enjoy spending time together both in and out of class. Stop by and visit us. You’ll find spirited but respectful discussion. And maybe make some new friends.
Friendship  S206 Jody Vickery
Do you remember where you were when Sputnik circled the planet? How about rotary telephones? Or when you had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel on the TV? Those who attend the Friendship Class remember. But we welcome anyone who wants to study God’s Word in an accepting atmosphere and make rich, meaningful friendships. After all, that’s the name of our group!
General Adult-Fellowship Hall Fellowship Hall Ronald Woods & Stuart Whiting
Come one, come all! We don’t check your ID at the door. You don’t have to pass a basic Bible knowledge quiz to get in. If you’re interested in learning more about the Bible in an open atmosphere which includes both lecture and discussion, this group is for you. You can sit quietly and listen or join in the conversation. Either way, many guests and new members find this a great entry point into Twickenham.

Note: Starting in May, we will have an offering for returning College students. Location and Topic tbd.

Why Our Members Chose Twickenham

This church is a positive, progressive body of believers who accept the normal diversity which exists in any church without trying to force some conformity and/or uniformity of belief or practices based on tradition, opinions, and preferences. Sadly, that is not the norm and thus you may be viewed as "different" by other churches or believers. I view such a difference as a great positive.

The diversity of thought that allows for tolerance of opinion with agreement on the basics of the gospel. The number of missions-minded individuals that are in involved in both foreign and domestic/local ministries.

This church has a large number of very talented members who appear to be highly involved and connected to all aspects of the church body. This church is at a prime location with many talented members and great opportunity to serve this community and beyond.

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